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    what is needed to put a 1300 or 1200 in a 02 gp800r

    My buddys going to sell me his 02 GP800r for a realy realy good price. I think im goign to buy it and paint it and do some exterior stuff and let my girl ride it this summer then next winter throw a 1300 in it.

    What is needed to do in this conversion of puting the 1300 in a 800? Or dose anyone have a link to a build where anyone did this?

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    You'll need to cut open the stringers and put in the front backing plates. You can see the indentations in the existing stringers where they go... and you'll need everything engine related out of a 13r.

    Ride it... enjoy it... sell it on craigslist if you want something faster. The 800's hold their value for some unknown reason.

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