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Thread: Idling Problem

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    Idling Problem

    New to these forums and hope I can get some advice.Recently purchased a 2000 XL1200LTD.Was told carbs recently rebuilt and pretty sure at least they were removed,probably think kits installed,just not sure if right.Ski runs but will not maintain idle if throttle relaesed.Compression is 105psi per cylinder,gas new and Stabil,new plugs, SeaFoam added. Have had mechanics estimate between $300 and $1200 to fix.Help needed !

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    I'm guessing you already tried adjusting the idle adjusting screw?

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    Why are you running seafoam and stabil? That stuff is mainly for fuel storage and the seafoam cleans which you shouldn't need. You need to contact osidebill and he can fix your carbs up the right way. He's real resonable and awesome with those carbs. I have same model ski and he just done mine. Your ski should troll around I believe 1300 rpms.

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