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Thread: Finding parts

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    Finding parts

    Im trying to find after market parts for a 89 650 TS.. Like a longer ride plate. Duel Carb intake, Duel Carbs, And other easy bolt on's.. I know a TS is not a racer.. But I would like to keep up with my wifes Yamaha VXR Pro 701..

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    i have a westcoast dual intake for a kawi 650. it is for dual 38's. 50.00 + s&h.

    sorry, i do no thave any carbs though. i do have some SBN 38's from a polaris. you may be able to make them work. you would have to rejet, and run an external fuel pump.

    i also have new jetlyne fiberglass racing reeds for the 650. 30.00/set.

    i think a scoop, and ride plate are going to be hard to find.

    i would also get a good prop.

    you may want to think about a wet wolf AAT pump cone. they do take some messing with, but once properly set up, they work well.

    i also have filters, ect here.


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    Thanks. I really expected no one to respond.. So its nice to hear someone has some parts..

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