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    Threadlock on PTO Coupler

    Hey fellas. Got the coupler off the crank without much of a hassle and noticed that it didn't have any threadlock on it. Going to be putting it back together soon and was curious how many of you put threadlock on this? The factory manual says too, but it says to do that on the impeller too. What's the general consensus?

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    Well the direct the PTO spins is the same direction it would tighten so way would you need to put thread locker everytime the ski was run it would try to tighten the PTO. Just my 2 cents

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    I put antiseize on mine so it will be easier to remove.

    No threadlocker, just the torque of the motor will tighten it up.

    I put antiseize on my impeller threads too.

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    I've always used the recommended compound that Yamaha specifies for the impeller/shaft thread, Loctite 572. It gives far better service below the waterline compared to anti-seize or grease because it is a sealant as WELL as a medium strength threadlocker/anti-seize.

    Like its sister compound 567 (I have to use that in Australia as equiv to 572) it specifically prevents galling on stainless steel. See 567 specs on their site.

    Have a look at the Loctite website for specs ..

    Threads over 1" need heat for disassembly (250 DegC) and we are just shy of it, so a heat applied by heatgun aint a bad idea. All fasteners below the waterline should have the locking compond denatured before unfastening IMHO. I use a small pencil beam butane torch on the smaller fasteners like "virgin" intake grate remove or rideplate.

    And if its good enough for Mr. Yamaha ...


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    I use never seize, it may call out for some outer compound (look like silicone based) not lockthght both will work on coupler, always my chose on prop -never seize

    later cdpcb

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