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    air intake

    i have been tryin to find a 4 in air intake for my rxp. i was wondering were you find it is all i seem to find is 3 in. on,

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    Welcome to the forum. All of us running the 4" air intake are making our own. Do a search for 4" intake and you will come up with a ton of threads that will guide you in the right direction.

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    thanks alot ill definately search that

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    Just got my 45 degree 3" to 4" transition. Not cheap silicon hose either. I`ll make some honkin` nosie with this feeding the charger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by T_Bundy_04
    i have been tryin to find a 4 in air intake for my rxp. i was wondering were you find it is all i seem to find is 3 in. on,
    i can hook u up with a 4" SC adapter so you can run a 4" hose with no problem! just PM me if ur interested and i wil lgive u the details!

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    i was also wondering if the race tech power flow exhaust was easy to instal and if its worth the money.

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    Here's where you can get the 4" hose. You need the 620wd, not ws. I think it's about $5 per ft. Call this location in N.Y. (516) 485-9898. They will send it right out. The pic on their site doesn't show it, but the inside bore is infact quiet smooth!

    One other thing for everyone. Pep Boys (auto parts store -if unfamiliar) sells a 6" long "super thin" aluminum pipe specifically designed to connect two 4" hoses together!!!! Absolutely worth the money. It connects your 4" mouth filter to your 4" hose - perfectly.


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    Lowes power filter

    Check this out...I just finished mine with a 4" drain pipe from Lowes.

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