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    What are these

    I can't find the cord to the camera so I can't post a picture, but there are two little round things. One red the other blue on the right (as you are sitting on the doo) side just under the rub rail. On the inside of the hull one has a hose connected and goes near the battery and just dangles there. The other has a hose that goes up into the instrument cluster area. What are these and what are they for? I notice they are on my RXP and the wife's GTX SC, both 2005s

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    just vent tubes.

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    one is your battery over flow it should connect to the battery if im not misstakin. if u ever need to charge your battery and u charge it to quick then battery acid will run out the hole on the side of the boat. my dealer did this when we first bought the skis just let it drip down the side man we were pissed he said the battery needed charged so he put it on the charger and it was set to high. i will never go to him for $hit.

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    acid battery vent & fuel tank vent...

    but apparently it's an overflow for the battery ALSO ...

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    My blue one leaked on the way home from it's (RXP) maiden voyage, a little seepage down the side of the hull. I thought it might be gas, but it doesn't smell like it. Can't believe battery acid (??) would be good to have run' down the pretty black hull.

    I know on my '97 HX the stupid fuel tank always overflowed & ran down the hull. I found the line and installed a one-way checkvalve, the vale was from an atv gas cap/breather hose. It seemed to work a little better.

    Is it "normal" for the gas vent to leak on a -Doo ?? Maybe thats where my $3.02 a gallon 91 octane is going so fast

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