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    Custom Hull Producers???

    Dear All,

    We all know how many mods we can find in the market to tune our loved RXP.
    I would be interested in knowing if any CUSTOM HULL producer can offer a "SUPER HULL" complitely made of Kevlar or Carbon fiber with much less weight and a much more "efficient" shape able ro recieve the RXP motor and mechanic (or a tuned one )???

    I know they will cost a fortune!!!

    If you guys know who are my dream producers, please send me the links!!!

    Thanks a lot from Moscow.


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    I would love to have a CF hull too

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    Dear Green Hulk,

    This is the one I found:

    They are french and they do a great job for a stand up ski. I'll contact them and ask if they do two seaters as well. On the stand-up they claim they saved 25Kg on ON THE HULL ONLY!!!

    I whant to cry!!!

    If you find any other producer, please tell me.


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    Man I got this nifty carbon fiber hull just laying around...

    Wish I had the coin for a SCIC 4-Tec motor laying around too...

    As it is i think I got a little something for it, maybe...

    (Don't mind the's just drying out from it's bath after getting gutted... )

    Hull weighs somewhere under 150lbs!!! (Haven't precisely measured it yet)...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    I can't click on the pics and make them bigger!!! Can you repost them, please? Wich ski is this, wich motor will accept and who is the producer and its contacts???

    Thanks a lot,


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    Fixed it...

    It's a custom hull with a GSX top deck...Don't know the producer but it's a old race boat (been told it was Fischetti's(sp?) old ski)...Maybe some of the guys who've been around longer than I have will know?

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    Westcoast Racing, perhaps?

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    I wish old westcoast and all the old race teams and aftermarket companies were still around i would love to see a carbon rxp. I seadoo had factory teams like they used to and the rules were still the same imagine the rxps we would see today.

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    Did you know the west coast team shop is still there and all the stuff is still inside like they where in buisness yesterday and just never came back to work the next day. Even the trucks are out back.
    Last I heard any way....about 8 months ago.....been sitting that way since 2000 I think.

    That does look like an old FISH boat. Not sure but I think Rpot is out of the hull buisness too...What ever happen with Guweckie in AZ......Not sure on the spelling of his name??

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    I wonder why its all still there and who owns it.

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