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    Sacred Ground 80.8 mph

    Thanks to Nils, Jerry and Dan, I finally broke the 78 mph barrier today.

    My hats off to all of you who are running hard hitting 80+ mph skis.

    If you are like me, you have been reading threads about speeds approching 90 mph and wondering what you are doing wrong.

    I think I have done everything mechanically possible to my B kit ski short of running nitrous, which I am going to avoid for longevity sake.

    I tried different pump and impellor combinations and EMS mapping today and managed to squeak out an 80.8 mph with a triple bearing, SS ring 159 mm stock pump and a skat 3 blade 15/19 (20mm RR shaft) 81mm nozzle and Jerry's modified race gas map. I also ran an 80.4 mph with a solas 15/20, 81 mm nozzle, 8750 rpm's. The solas was machined to fit closer to the stator vanes which helped minimized cavitation. The non-machined Skat prop had a little more cavitation but better accelleration. I am going to send it back and have it also machined to fit closer to the stator vanes.

    I still have a few things I can do to the hull but I don't know how I am going to see 85 mph anytime soon. Again, congratulations to Jerry and Dan for having achieved such awesome speeds. It takes a lot of hard work and testing to get their speeds. I know, I have been following their lead.


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    Well done Scott!

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    Great Job

    Maybe You Pm Some Things You Learned Along The Way I'm Stuck At 77 With B Kit
    No Head Mods

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    Awesome numbers !

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    Scott, im glad to hear it worked out for you.

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    nice work bro!

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