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    Leaf Springs on Trailer

    Trailer is just under 2 years old. Noticed that the leaf springs are rusting. What kind of general maintenance should I be doing on these? Seems too soon to be seeing rust there.

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    I have the same thing, trailer is also 2 years old. Just wire brush them the best you can and paint them up.

    If you feel motivated, take them apart and give`m a good cleaning, then spray them with rustoleum...PR...

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    I like to use LPS1 on the leaf springs,its been over four years and still looks great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buddydoo
    I like to use LPS1 on the leaf springs,its been over four years and still looks great.
    What is that? is it like POR15?...PR...

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    this is the best way to fix leaf springs:


    click on the tab to the left for more from this manufacturer for all available axles

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    That`s why I want a Triton trailer!

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    LPS 1, 2, & 3 are all decent products that i have used for years. That is until i was turned on to Fluid Film. I live 3 blocks from the ocean and have lived on the coast nearly my entire life - and battled corrosion/rust the whole way. I come from a family of aircraft mechanics/pilots and have been in manufacturing and the elevator industry. I have been raised to be a picky/particular/perfectionist individual.

    Fluid Film is a must have product. I feel so strongly about it, i had to get involved and am investing a huge sum and effort to get it on the shelves in front of the consumer. The bonus is the product is also better for the environment than the competition, has no solvents so safe on plastic, paint, and nearly all rubber except natural rubber which is fairly rare to come across.

    Send a PM to "Dano50" with your shipping address....he is the rep for the mfg. and ask him for a free sample can. It's free so you have nothing to loose, everything to gain. Do a seach on Fluid Film here, or any forum and you'll see that anybody that has tried it is now a customer.

    It's not conductive so use it on your trailer light bulbs, connector (vehicle too), springs, coupler, locks, jack, etc.. On your ski: cables, throttle body shaft, steering, battery terminals, engine (avoid SC belts like ultra 250X), hand tools such as the hinge on pliers, garden tools (doesn't burn greenery)...on and on.
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    Yep! Love my Triton 4-Place Trailer.... Looks as good as the day I bought it...

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    EARTHSHAKER wasn't kidding. I'll supply any member of Green Hulk who hasn't tried Fluid Film and lives within the Continental US a free sample can. No questions, no costs, no hassles.

    All I ask is that you compare it to the products you are using now. That is how confident I am that you will be making the switch and becoming a regular user. We'd be out of business if that weren't the case.

    Fluid Film Rocks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by earthshaker View Post
    LPS 1, 2, & 3 are all decent products that i have used for years. That is until i was turned on to Fluid Film.\
    I have to say I've tried Fluid Film on my ski and trailer springs and it really works well. It stops rusting and protects with a nice lanolin coating. I use it for everything that I used to use wd40 and CRC on. No, I don't work for Fluid Flim, it's just good stuff.

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