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    ? about Hulk's ride plate mod

    Is it worth doing for a stage 1 RXP? Did you notice a big difference in pump hookup in chop? If I was going to do it I would extend it out 3/4".
    Also, is the Riva pro block-offs worth the money?

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    The hookup thru chop was very much improved.
    If i were you i would try the Riva Pro Series blockoffs first. If you think you need more help after that then go ahead and extend the rideplate.

    By the way i ended up cutting my extension down to 3/4" yesterday and it seemed to work well for me this morning. Im tempted to go down to 1/2"

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    I wonder why Riva says..."NOTE: For competition use only." for their pro series block offs.?

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    That is a claim they have to make for liability reasons because you are disabeling the factory OPAS when you install the blocks. They are all labeled this way. Same as mods to cars/bikes when they are labeled "for off road use only"


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