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    tried and failed

    UH...hey to all my polaris friends from sbt....yea i left that,if any of you guys didnt know my whole story...(ill make it short) i bought a slt 750 with a fuel delivery problem and i got a couple sbn carb kits i had a.....lets say 5 different hold ups trying to get the carbs apart and the screws that hold on the cover to the jets....but i finnally just finnished putting it all back together and started it up....and yes the fuel problem was solved by the new diaphrams but try and guess what my problem is i adjusted the high speed screw i couldnt get it to rev all the way......but my heres how ignorent and how i rushed it....all the springs that sbt sent be for the pop-off were not very good....they wouldnt give me a pop off of above 20...i didnt know if this was good or bad so i left it.....but know i remember that one of the springs was kinda high in one but low in the other i wasnt doing this with a pop-off tester...i made my i read the thread on sbt and i read that it was kinda low...and yes it was smoking so it was running rich......


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    you don't automatically use the new springs! what was your pop off? and what was your spec?

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    one was like 35 the other was like 20 and i was like wtf so like an idiot i cant even remember the last one because i was trying to figure out what i was doing wrong.....but the good thing is i didnt cut ANY of my springs so all i have to do is a quick(3 min) carb removal and re-do and set my pop off....what should i be aiming for on my popoff

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    I'd put my old springs back in! I don't know your popoff but I bet it's less than 20 like 15? make sure they are wet like wd 40 when you test!

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    what year again?

  6. #6 yea my dad even mention the old springs...ill try but they might be mixed up with the new that i think of it how could i be soo dumb....just look at the

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    my internet sucks today! well a 94 is between 10 to 18 psi! yours won't be higher!

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    thats what i should set it at?????
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    i have them set from 10 to 13

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    you just re set them ? already ?

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