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    Carb Question SL650

    I have been slowly working the kinks out of this 93 SL650 and all the help from you Polaris guys has been great. Here's the latest, I finally broke down and bought the carb rebuild kits and rebuilt them. Checked and set the pop-off pressure to 14-15 lbs. The ski runs the best it has ever run except that once it has warmed up it gets real hard to start. I took it down to lake and fired it up on the trailer and let it run for awhile. Then I shut it off and I could see fuel coming out of all three carbs. Not a lot, but it dribbles out for about three seconds. Could the pop-off pressure being too low cause this? I think that if I could solve this, I would be good to go. Go to the winter storage that is. Sucks that the season is over for me.


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    Your pop off is in range! but how did you test them? and are you sure your needle and seat are sealing? as well as the seat oring not leaking? also what setting did you put you hi an low adjusters to?

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    I tested the pop-off pressure using a top of the line Mity Vac pump and gauge. I followed the SBT video test procedure. The needle valve o-ring was replaced with one from the rebuild kit.
    I set hi and lo speed adjusters according to the Polaris manual. Lo-speed was set at 1/4 turn out. I would have to go and look at the manual for the hi-speed settings.

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    Polaris Manual is 1/2 on lows the fuel drip may or may not be an issue! if it happens while it's running I'd be looking at needle and seat sealing! did you verify that it held untill popoff? I love that tester dont you! Z
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    I can't see any fuel dripping when it is idling. It only see the drip when you kill the motor and then it dribbles for about two to three seconds. I have the lo-speed adjusters set to less than a quarter turn out and it idles OK once you clear out the fuel that dribbled out. The pop-off test seemed to work OK as long as you kept fuel around the needle valve like it is described in the video. I seem to remember reading somewhere that if the pop-off is too low it will run rich and you won't be able to tune it out with the lo-speed adjusters. Am I right on this?

    Yes, that MityVac is a cool tool.

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    I don't think you'd have to clear out a few drops? but maybe! I'd try to bump the low's out another1/4 turn! can't hurt! Z

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    Oh yeah, I just added the Polaris improved F/A to help decrease water ingestion. I added this at the same time I rebuilt the carbs. In the kit that I got off E-Bay there were larger main jets. Could this have anything to do with my problem?

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    little detail? what are we talking jet size? the new f\a will want a larger jet but what do you have in there now? and what year were they from? cause you just lost your built in restrictor!! you might need to add one in line! Z

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    Dan, did you verify there was no groove in the rubber tip of the needle?
    On the jet change was the kit specifically for the 650?
    On the Keihin carbs the little check valve (invisible tear drop flap on the metering block) when bad will cause a leak (dribble during idle), maybe it's the same for the Mikuni?? I'm not sure but it's certainly worth checking, make sure the plastic flap and gasket are in the correct order on the block.

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    OK! I thought he replaced the carbs with some off of ebay! whew my bad! but jet's don't usually come with kit's? I wouldn't mess with them unless you know what size they are! and pho is correct the Mikuni's have the same tear drop valve! Z

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