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Thread: RPM ?'s

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    RPM ?'s

    For about the last month or so i've noticed the rpms drop and sometimes, not always, come back up. The low end is 7400-7600. Then come up to 7800-7900. When I first go out it reached 8000-8050. I don't think it heat fade because is happens within 20 min. I went out today and it did the same and the air is 76 and the water is 68. Not that warm. The only mods i have done are filled ride plate holes and removed the resonator and replaced with a nice piece of stainless steel pipe. I have refuel at 3 different stations always using 93 octane. Anyone have any idea's? before it goes to the dealership. When i bough it they told me it had a 2 year warrenty i hope thats true.

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    I'd try some lower octane fuel and see what happens. Some people believe that the higher the octane fuel the better it burns and in fact it's just the opposite.

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    Its not the fuel causing your RPMs to drop you have another issue like possibley the SC cluthes or wear ring.Some of the other guys like Jerry would be able to give you some ideas were to look but Fuel???
    I wouldnt think so..


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