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Thread: 785 ign wires

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    785 ign wires

    Ok ,I got a 97 785 pro ign and Im putting on a 96 sl780, Heres the deal the coil wires seem to have the wrong ends.The black wire from the cdi has three female ends on it for each coil, the black wire on the coil has a female end. In the wiring diagram it shows black to black. Does it matter? anybody know!

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    Be careful not to wire those coils up backwards or it will let the smoke out of them.

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    The way it looks I need to switch the coil wire ends, male to female.

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    I did have them hooked up the wrong way, but it seemed to run ok, I hope it didnt hurt anything. Nothing got hot,That why I thought Id ask. Wanted to see if anyone had to change ends.

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    Switched wire ends and it sounds good.

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    Glad it worked, this one got past me somehow.

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