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    FINALLY got my SJ to start but no power!!!

    Hello all! I'm new to this site, but have been posting for a few months over at PWC today. I posted this and only had a couple responses. I found X-H20 and then found this site.It seems that this site is for posting questions about performance problems so I thought I would give it a shot here too. If you are responding to me over at X-H20, feel free to continue doing so there or start here. I put the link to the post at PWC Today and X-h20 at the bottom if anybody would like to see the responses I have received so far. Thanks!!

    I really need help with this issue…Thank you all in advance for the replies.

    The situation
    Hear is the deal. Got a SJ 650…Rode for a while…A friend sunk it and it would not turn so that I could clear all the water…I jumped it off from a car that was turned on (didn’t know it was a no-no at the time)…by the time I figured out it was the starter and replaced it, my engine was seized.

    I decided to get a used 701 to replace the 650. I finally got it in and then tried to start it. I had no luck since I had two of the fuel lines mixed up. Switched the fuel lines around and it still wouldn’t start. Yesterday, I put some fuel in the cylinders and it fired right up!!

    The Problem
    Today, I got it to the canal for a test ride. It fired right up with no priming; however, it had no power on low or high end. It was not revving up high at all…no matter how much throttle I gave it (The rpms would be the same at ¼ throttle as it was at full throttle). After about 20 seconds of full throttle it would, it would die. At first it would fire back up with ease. However, after riding for about 15 minutes, when it would die, it would become increasingly more difficult to start. It got to the point that it would fire loud for a half of a second but then die before it got a chance to run.

    When I got it home it would fire again for a half a second and then die…I was worried because I needed to flush it out. So..I put more fuel in the cylinders and it started with ease so that I could flush it (it even revved up high)!

    Why is there no power? Could it be a fuel delivery problem since it fires up with ease if I prime it and since no matter how much throttle I give it, it will only rev up to a low RPM? At first I though maybe I messed up the CDI when I jumped it off and it wouldn’t let it rev…then when I gave it more fuel, it would flood the engine since it wasn’t revving high. But now since priming makes it start, I am thinking maybe it’s just not getting enough fuel to allow it to rev and that’s why it would die and not start after a while unless I prime it.

    Have searched to try to help, but can not find anything specific to my problems. Can you all PLEASE give me some advice, suggestions, and/or some tests to run. I will give my phone number to anybody who would like to call me to discuss this. Also, I live in Pensacola Florida if anybody is near by.

    Once again, thank you very much for reading.

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    I'm going to post this because this cleared a few thing up

    Originally Posted by Mouthfulloflake
    the protec pipe requires different jetting than the stock pipe. Ive got a protec pipe, I can get you the specs if you need them.But, I dont think that would stop it from revving up..

    It was already set because I had the same Protec pipe hooked to my 650. The Protec rep said that by swaping the engins, It shouldn't need to be set again, but go ahead and do so...he did also say that it would not make that huge of an affect on the power. He told me the specs and I re-adjusted the high and low settings (they were way off), but I just tried starting it and it will not do so with out pouring fuel down the cylinders.

    I had the Fuel return and fuel inlet lines mixed up when I first tried starting it a couple of days ago. Could this have screwed anything up?

    Mouthfulloflake, I would love to perform the test you told me about, but I dont have a primer. Can I just pour the fuel down the carb directly to perform this test? I would love to do this before I spend money rebuilding a carb when I dont need to (just in case it's not a carb problem). I'm going to deal with the spark plug wires when/IF I fix this problem.

    • The reeds looked like they were in good shape (they were not chiped or anything)
    • I dont have a on/res valve any more and the fuel inlet line is not clogged
    • Before i put the tank back in after installing my engine, I dumped all the old fuel so there is no water in the tank
    • I have a factory 61X intake manfld and the one pulse line is not clogged. I guess that's all I need to check for (blew in it when it was off).
    • The tank was also pressurized when I took the fuel return line off to see if it was clogged.

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    Do you really know how clean the carbs are in the ski? or did you use your old carb.......I assune you are using the 44mm that came with the 701??? The (easiest) pull the carb apart and look.............

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    Quote Originally Posted by BULLRAIDER
    Do you really know how clean the carbs are in the ski? or did you use your old carb.......I assune you are using the 44mm that came with the 701??? The (easiest) pull the carb apart and look.............
    I used my old carb...everything is the same on the ski other than the engine, reeds, and intake mnfld. I'm assuming the carb was clean cause, before my friend sunk it, it ran VERY strong. Could something have happend to the carb when it was sunk?

    I don't know what mm my munkki carb is. looked around it and cant see a mm. Should I upgrade later since I now have a 701?

    Thanks for the replay man!!

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    I had a problem simular to this that came out of no where it was the fuel selector was bad just a thought..... Alos check the start stop switch

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