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    RRFPR or 42 lb injectors

    I have a 2007 speedster 200 430hp. My engine upgrades will be:
    X superchargers
    XS intercoolers
    4" intakes
    modified waterboxes

    I've seen people recommend using the RRFPR with stock injectors, but also just changing to 42 lb injectors without the RRFPR. Which is preferred? Cheaper and easier to just upgrade injectors.

    Which is preferred?


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    I went with 42# injectors. I asked a similar question but could not get an answer as to why go with the RRFPR. I went with the cheaper option.

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    how dors it run with the cheaper option? what exactly are your mods. Did you noticea big difference?

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    I wouldn't run my boat with an X-charger and XS-IC without 42's and a RRFPR or other type of fuel management system (rude controller?). With just the X-Charger alone my boat is running lean (but safe) when the water temp is below 60*. Good thing that doesn't happen to often in FL.

    If you stick with the the stock intercooler and upgrade to the X-Charger you will be fine with 42's. This is a proven setup by many people on boats and skis.

    If you run an external intercooler with the X-charger you will need 42's AND and RRFPR. You will run to lean when wide open.

    The only way I would attempt to run a X-Charger and a XS-IC with only 42's would be if I had a Wideband installed and could constantly monitor AFR's. If your only just guessing and hoping you have enough fuel your asking for trouble.

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