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    Quote Originally Posted by MPDano View Post
    Nice writeup but I still can't seem to find how to actually operate my Lever. Push, pull, need advice in order to troubleshoot.
    Follow the write up, then your lever will operate. It is just stuck.

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    Will do this weekend.

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    I was doing the fuel pressure regulator "fix" and the oil tank "fix" and had plan to do this "fix" on a pair of Virage Is acquired last summer. Both of the reverse lever units were damaged from sticky/seizure and being forced. The pivot pin, for the "Arm, Reverse Lock" 17 molded into the main "Plate, Base" 8 had been snapped off from the reverse selector lever being forced:

    To repair this damage in lieu of replacing the main "Plate, Base" 8 ($45.00); I drilled out the broke off pivot pin and the "Plate, Base" to 11/64". From the outside of the "Plate, Base", I drove in a 8-32 stainless steel nylock nut:

    The top of the broke off pin had been "mushroomed" from being over tightened. The "Arm, Reverse Lock" 17 must pivot freely without binding on this pin. So I left then pin on the 11/64" drill bit ran it over a file to remove the "mushroomed" material:

    I transferred the stainless steel "Washer, Flat"18 to a 8-32 x 1-1/4" stainless steel machine screw. I reassembled the "Arm, Reverse Lock",the broke of pin, on to "Plate, Base" 8 securing with 8-32 machine screw. I did align the pin into "Plate, Base" so the broke off section would mate by turning with a needle nose pliers prior to inserting the machine screw. The machine screw was just snugged and not over tighten, to prevent "mushrooming" the end of the pin and creating drag or binding of the movement of the "Reverse, Lock Arm" 17 on the pin. I verified free movement once assembled.

    A few points of clarification:

    1. The "Pinion" 9 must turn freely when seated on "Shaft, Cam" 12. Granted, this movement is very little as the pinion is indexed into the cam by the four pins. However, you'll note the four mating holes in the cam are oblonged. See photo below. This is by design. When the lever is activated, by nature of the oblong holes, the cam begins to rotate before the pinion, releasing the "Reverse, Lock Arm" 17 from the "Arm, Reverse" 26 before it begins to rotate. If this locks fails to release due to pinion being seized or stuck to the "Shaft, Cam" and the selector level is forced, the pivot pin is broke off, as set forth above.

    I utilized emery cloth strips to reduce the diameter of the shaft portion of "Shaft, Cam" 12. I also utilized a letter size drill bit to ream the pivot hole of "Reverse, Lock Arm" 17 so it would pivot freely.

    2. The components have index marks on them to aide in re-assembly positioning:

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