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Thread: RXPs at finals

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    RXPs at finals

    I wonder what rxps will arrive at finals i think les from aus will have his boats there i wonder if he is running a turbo or sc. bushel i think i read he is going wonder if he will ride pro. Wonder if bosio or lemoine will be there with there franco boats. i wish zapata would put his stuff in a stock hull and be there. I hope there are alot of fast rxps there to scare some of those kawi boys.

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    Not sure if turbos can be used in Open class rules. But if exhaust and supercharger can be aftermarket or modified why couldn't you use a turbo? And Zapata is an Idiot and i bealive Banned from competing in the WF. after last years poor sportsmanship and out right physical assault on fellow races and the local police.

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    Les will be there with his turbo RXP.He's running some serious boost and a few other radical mods.

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    j. bushell will be in PRO class with a Less turbo RXP

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    So that means 2 turbo rxps in the pro class man i cannot wait. will that turbo kawi of bruce skelton be there.

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    I have a feeling that the RXP's will dominate this year at WF's

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    I sure hope so

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    Go Pigs go!

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    <-------------RXP Kid, that is a really creepy icon you use

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    Look whos talkin Jeff!..bahahahaha

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