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    big bore questions

    Slow day at work combined with too much time on the internet looking at ski's creates questions.

    With a big bore, does it help increase acceleration or top end? Does it do both? I would guess acceleration.

    Is anyone running a BB 1500? Will a 1500 big bigger bore work with an EFI ski or is it too much and need to go to carb?

    Is anyone successfully running a 1500 ported ski with efi on a non-power valve motor ( 05-06 )?

    I have seen several skis lately with big bore kits go down. Is there a problem with the non-pv skis with big bore or ported motors not having enough fuel with the efi controller?

    What do you think a ported 1500BB efi gpr single pipe would run like? Crazy acceleration with good top end? How close to maxing out the efi controller would I be?

    Sorry for all the questions. I figured it may make for an interesting topic. Especially with the talk about larger throttle bodies for our skis to support the bigger motors.

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    I don't have one, but I believe those that do are running carbs. I heard the EFI won't put out enough fuel using the EFI controller. Perhaps if/when Advent come out with the new controller then all of us EFI guys can go big bore or triples!

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    well that sux. I wonder how long before advent comes out with their controller... will you need a timing key with it or will it adjust timg also. hmmm so many questions, so little answers. heheh

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    You are going to have to go carbs to go 1500. Plus you need to find the pistons.

    There are a couple of 1390 EFIs out there, but I dont have much data on how they are holding up.

    Fuel supply is a problem. As far as being able to run with the current fuel supply and mapping...

    My 84mm EFI is just about maxed out with mods. My controller is about maxed out too. My current settings are 8-11-9-8

    Bigger bore EFIs can be done. Unfortunately we are going to change the fuel management system.

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    has anyone attempted to retrofit a diffrient size/style injector in there ski? Also I believe that there are companys out there that can modify your injectors but not sure if they are able to do so on our injectors. For example what injectors do the 4 stroke run (how big) how big is the pulse width on our skis with the efi all the way up? Companys make injector controllers that are universal maybee they would make it possible to get more fuel out of our injectors, also on my old skline motor I ran A AIC (aditional injector control) It allows you to run an extra injector in the intake pipe! Just some ideas!

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    you could run 1400 piston and stroke crankshaft to get xtra cc

    later cd

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