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    Are these programable CDI's? (pics)

    I found a couple of odd ball CDI's in my piles of Polaris stuff. Anyone know what they fit?

    The little one is part number 2871974. The back side of the big one had numbers on it:

    The wire colors on the big CDI match up 95% with Al's post here:
    So I suspect it is a programable 785 Pro CDI box....except there is no tan wire?

    Any guesses?


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    Looks like Absentx has one of the little ones:

    Does Hot Seat still support these? Can you still get chips for them? Randy?


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    dude, we've all been banned! We can't see that pic.

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    LOL.Aaron I have the silver and green chips for the Hot Seat CDI.

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    Does the Hot Seat one fit all domestic triples?


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    The Triple chip CDI will only work with the early style stator, It won't work with the 1200 style / stator upgrad, but is a good buy for a 1050, etc.. The other is a good Pro -785 CDI

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