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    RXP Stage 1 RPM & MPH

    Anyone riding in Airzona (Havasu) with the Riva Stage 1 Bolt-ons on an RXP? What is your RPM and MPH.

    According to my stock rpm and mph guage I am at 7500 with 71-2mph. Weather was 95-100deg.

    Just wanting to see if my RXP is where it should be.

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    your stock mph gauge or dremo is not accurate at all....u should invest in a GPS unit to get real speeds!

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    You should also note what elevation you are at.

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    Elevation of Lake Havasu is around 700 ft. Jerry I have been talking to you about my ski since the weekend, and the prop is on the way to your for the re-pitch. I am not sure, but I think my RXP is down a little on rpm. Just trying to figure out why.

    I will use a GPS on my next trip in a couple of weeks.

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