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    waveblaster turbo 4 stroke

    just wanted to know if anyone has put a hydro space turbo motor into a waveblaster 1 before an do u have any info on it

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    Since no one else is chiming in, Id love to see it!! Blaster is a great hull, just alwats lacked power unless with a s/s motor, and then it wasnt reliable. Get it built!!

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    ive just picked up the hull an will have the motor soon it will be running a mag pump pwr intercooler an motec hope it will be fast but i just wanted to know if it will fit before i buy the motor because it will have a sump on the bottom im just hoping the crank on the motor dosnt sit higher then the shaft in the hull

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    looking foreward to pictures, and good for you for not just doing the same old thing!!

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    il post pics up wen i get the motor in a few weeks but it will be a while before i do anymore got to work on house 1st hope it will be done by summer but . has any ever put a hydrospace motor into anything esle

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    Nice idea,lets see a step by step pictorial

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    I suggested this earlier this year when I had these ideas for a project...

    Blaster 1 with a 951 & coffmans (been done)

    Blaster 1 or HX with a Hydrospace motor & a 160/180 kit would be fast

    Seadoo explorer jet rib with a 300hp + RXP motor (my fav idea)

    Kawasaki SC with a tuned SXR motor (been done) or even a jetmate with a joystick!

    Seadoo RX or similar with a Envinrude 300hp e-tec 2 stroke (all BRP)

    Please post pics etc, 180+hp in a blaster 1 would be great!

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    Ya I dont see a blaster ever having a ton of top end, but thats not what they are built for, Id love to be able to approach a wave and just launch with a little punch of the throttle!!

    Forget the house, its summer, you can sleep in your car!!

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    summer has justed finshed here i live in austraila

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    Check out wamiltons - I think they were doing one of these a couple of years ago. Hydro motor, custom waveblaster hull - looked pretty sick!

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