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    Preparing for Winterization

    Well my Sea-Doo riding is officially over for the year.
    I wish I had been able to get out more often like last year, but I guess that will give something to look forward too for next year.

    Anyways, I store the ski in a storage building where it does tend to get chilly at times, but it is definetley out of the elements.
    So I'm just wondering what should I do before putting it away? I had the oil changed recently, should I disconnect the battery? Both + and -?

    Anything would be greatly aprreciated.

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    You will want to change the oil.

    You will want to get the raw water out of your exhaust and intercooler.

    The best way is to rig up a hudson sprayer to your garden hose intake on the ski.

    Fill up the sprayer with RV antifreeze, pump it up, turn on the ski, pump antifreeze until the liquid comes out the exhaust, then shut it down.

    Remove the plugs and spray fogging oil in each cylinder (10 seconds per cylinder of spraying) and replace the plugs. Then put the lanyard on, pull the throttle WFO and turn over the starter for about 10 seconds.

    Pull the battery, charge it, check it several times during the winter........

    your done! until next year

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    You should use a Gasoline Stabilizer in your fuel and run it for 4-5 minutes after you make sure it is mixed well. It helps prevent formation of rust and corrosion on the bare metal in the tank and fuel system and the drying and cracking of gaskets and seals. It also prevents formation of varnish and gum in the fuel system. Here is the link to that product from AMSOIL
    Sta-bil is also a Gasoline Stabilizer that is a good product.

    Here is the Fogging oil from AMSOIL. It acts as a barrier that keeps condensation from coming into direct contact with steel and iron components, that forms surface corrosion on cylinder liners, piston rings, anti-friction bearings and steel/iron contact surfaces on rotational seals.

    Also grease any of your fittings on the Ski and trailer to get out any water or condensation from coming into contact with the metal bearings or drive shaft.

    Put a rag in your exhaust to help keep out any moisture from getting into your engine.

    Keep your seat cracked open to make sure there is no more moisture trapped in the engine compartment.

    I hope this helps.
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