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    Oklahoma City, OK
    Hello there!! New here. The name is Marcin and I am in Oklahoma City, OK.

    Where u from? Oklahoma City, OK
    what kind of ski - 1995 Polaris SL650
    how many hours on the meter? No idea
    how long did it sit - no idea
    any new/modified parts on it - nope
    recent tune-ups or rebuild - nope
    price - free
    comes with trailer? - nope
    live on water? nope
    did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water - normal
    compression numbers? have not tested yet
    does it run? - nope
    Pictures,videos? Not yet
    mechanical knowledge - work on my own vehicles - have had many classics
    tools - lots

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    Post Newbie again..

    I am a Newbie again years ago I had a Kawasaki 100di that reminded me everyday why I needed to work and make money... Now I bought 2 virage 700s one for parts and one to fix it needed electronics previous owner says they were bad he took them out gave them to a buddy and never got them back... The parts ski had all of that but a bad motor so i was happy. So far so good with a lot of help on here from a great bunch of guys.. I got them both for $300 w/ trailer and $400 w/trailer.. I got the 2001 up and running and yesterday was the first water test and it did great... This site is amazing with the help... Melbourne , florida

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    Hi, new here so I thought I'd answer the "newbie" questions.

    I'm Brandon
    I'm from Massachusetts
    The ski I bought is a 2004 Polaris MSX 110
    The hours on the ski read 41.5
    Not sure how long it sat before I purchased it, but it sat for at least 4 months (possibly not properly winterized)
    Not sure on new or modified parts (I don't think the owner even knew much about the ski)
    General history is that I'm guessing the ski was left at a dock with some choppy waters, there was damage to the hood, one of the mirrors, the chrome shroud was snapped in half, and some chunks taken out of the top of the gelcoat.
    Got the ski for $1400 with a trailer
    I do not live on the water sadly
    I was told the ski was only run in lake water
    The compression numbers were 129 and 127
    It does far. Haven't had it out on the water yet

    My mechanical knowledge is that of cars. I have worked with cars for 20-ish years. Slight boat knowledge. No previous PWC knowledge.
    I have access to a lot of tools. So far I don't have any of the "specialized" tools that are mentioned in the service manual.

    Hoping to get an actual lake run this week/weekend and see if it floats and does more than just idle. Fingers crossed that it goes.

    Was able to put the ski in the lake I normally go to Saturday (although only quick 5-10 minutes) no problems with that run. No rpm limits hit and no check engine light and hit 51 on the speedo.Click image for larger version. 

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    New guy here in florida, just picked up a 2002 freedom with the 700cc domestic engine. got it running but it seems to misfire, checking deeper i find the aft cylinder will not run on its own (grounding the other spark plug) but with bot on it does seem to kick in as i accelerate, any ideas?

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    Here is my newbie introduction:

    Where u from?-- Stockton CA
    what kind of ski-- Polaris Genesis I
    what year-- 2002
    what kind of engine-- injected 1200 Ficht
    how many hours on the meter?-- 138.0
    how long did it sit -- 2 yrs
    any new/modified parts on it-- No
    recent tune-ups or rebuild-- Drained fuel and replaced with new premium, replaced axle bearing, new battery, plugs, upgraded coil grounds as instructed on forum
    general history of the ski if you know-- Rode it two years ago (neighbor owned it) before the EMM 8 pin connector burned up. Traded him an old Suzuki worth about $1500 for it. I sent the EMM to FichtEMM in TN about a month ago and paid $450 plus shipping to get the connector cleaned. I replaced the female side and it started.
    price-- "Traded him an old Suzuki worth about $1500 for it"
    comes with trailer?-- Yes
    live on water?-- No
    did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water Lake and Delta
    compression numbers? -- Not yet
    does it run? It did for a short outing--very well too after fixing the coil grounds.
    Pictures,videos? --Just my Avatar
    mechanical knowledge -- I've maintained my cars and in recent years, some '80's Suzuki's as well as my homes since I was 15. That's a long time by the way.
    tools --Quite a lot but never enough.

    I had the ski out for the first time (after having the EMM "repaired") with my two daughters a week ago and it had a "miss" but ran ok. There was a small leak which turned out to be the pitot tube disconnected. I replaced the axle bearing and that's when I saw it. Took it our this morning to see if it was ok to take the girls back out but it ran pretty rough so I brought it in. I found the thread by K447 instructing to correct the coil grounds. I did so and took it back out and it idled and accelerated perfectly. I was thrilled actually. On the way back it shut down and apparently I did not get the battery cables tightened down properly and they came loose and shut down the motor. I managed to get started again and got back to 5 mph zone where I was towed to the ramp. Got the battery cables tightened down but she only started for a moment and stopped with a nasty screech. I haven't checked the compression yet but that's next. Kinds scared of what might have happened. It was running so sweetly before it shut down. Oh well. Here we go...

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    Newbie questions

    [QUOTE=bowsniper;1381505]As this site continues to grow, I see more and more Interested jetski enthusists Purchasing a ski without really knowing whats up with the polaris line in they dont make skis anymore, no mechanics to wrench on them and theres only a few places to find real info.. So with that in mind, Heres a few questions every Newbie should ask themselves before buying a ski or repairing one to get it running.. If you already bought a ski and your excited about fixing it, and you would like help,, answer these questions about your ski for the rest of us.. Where u from? Tualatin, Orwhat kind of ski-'99 1200 FI genesis, '00 1200 FI genesiswhat yearwhat kind of enginehow many hours on the meter?-135 ish on bothhow long did it sit-2 yearsany new/modified parts on it-3 new pistons, used lower half w/crank, replaced gray fuel lines, found cracked coil ground straps;made and installed ground jumper wiresrecent tune-ups or rebuild- 2 hrs on the 2000, timing seems advancedgeneral history of the ski if you knowpricecomes with trailer?-paid 2000$ w/trailer. The 99 wasnt running, found that somone fried the ecm by trying to jump start the ski with cables reversed, had ecm rebuilt by Harris for 650$live on water?-no, close thodid the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water-Lake watercompression numbers? N/A on the 2000, too fresh, not sure rings are seated yet. Dont remember the numbers on the 99 but do remember they were very close.does it run? Yes on bothPictures,videos?mechanical knowledge- just mechanically inclined i supposetools- just the normal stuff

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    Hello all I am new here and to the world of jet skis (owning). Here is my information as requested. I am very mechanical and looking to get this thing cleaned up and on the water in spring. I ordered a new battery, seat cover, fuel pump rebuild kit and spark plugs so far. The picture looks worse than it really was. Just needs some TLC and I assume clean up the fuel system after sitting. I am not familiar with how these engines work so any tips would be appreciated. I do know it had fuel stabilizer in it but I will remove this fuel and replace it with fresh. I also assume adding a little oil on the top of the pistons would be a good step since it sat so long. Thanks in advance.

    Where u from? Dayton, Ohio
    what kind of ski Polaris SLTH
    what year 1999
    what kind of engine 700cc
    how many hours on the meter? Not looked yet
    how long did it sit 7 years
    any new/modified parts on it not yet
    recent tune-ups or rebuild none
    general history of the ski if you know Bought from a friend. Used casual from 1999-2011.
    price $500
    comes with trailer? Yes
    live on water? No
    did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water Lake
    compression numbers? n/a
    does it run? Hope so after cleaning
    Pictures,videos? Below
    mechanical knowledge Automotive solid abilities
    tools About anything I need

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    I'm rebuilding my motor in my 2002 Polaris genesis I jet ski and the end where the stater is I have a bracket with 2 holes in it I can't remember where it goes any diagrams of motor breakdown or help

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