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    Unhappy There must be something wrong with my GP1300R

    I have a GP1300R 2006 with stage 1 from Riva and from R&D I have the Auto Trim Nozzle, the Pro Series Head Kit and the Anti-Cavitation Cone. I have also the VForce 3 Reed Valve from Moto Tassinari and I am using 100 Octane Gasoline with Castrol TTS 100% synthetic oil.

    When testing with 1/3 tank of fuel and trim in neutral position (N), my GP1300R does not run more than 66-67 mph (with Lowrance GPS IFINDER H2O-C) and the maximum RPM is 6950 (with PET-2100DX Tachometer) on flat water. Is this good enough, considering of what I have added on my GP1300R.

    I would like to have some opinions of what I must do. I need HELP

    RIVA Power Filter
    RIVA E.F.I. Control
    RIVA D-plate
    RIVA Free Flow Exhaust
    RIVA Pump Seal Kit
    RIVA Intake Grate
    RIVA Performance Ride Plate
    RIVA Performance Trim Tabs
    RIVA Adjustable Sponsons
    R&D Anti-Cavitation Cone
    R&D Pro Series Head Kit
    R&D Auto Trim Nozzle
    Solas DynaFly Impeller 14/20
    Moto Tassinari VForce 3 Reed Valve
    PET-2100DX Tachometer
    Lowrance GPS IFINDER H2O-C
    100 Octane fuel
    Castrol TTS 100% synthetic oil

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    with those mods you should be well over 70. have u done the pump shoe??

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    I agree, you got to have resistance from the underside dragging to speed down bad.

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    maybe not, I doubt there is anything wrong with your ski

    with the auto-drop you can't trim up so that lowers your top speed by 1 to 1.5 mph - the free flow slows you down another .5 to 1 mph

    your rideplate is probably 3 mph slower than the rideplate on my ski

    many of us use modified 800 grates which gain us another 1 to 2 mph

    so if that is the new Riva plate and it is just bolted on it will be slow

    you might read this thread - pay particular attention to rideplate and trim tab mounting positions

    I would suggest you decide if you want the ski planted for CC racing or if you want the ski loose for top speed (or somewhere in the middle).

    Then work on optimizing things for the set-up you have decided to use.

    For example, the Riva plate is a good all round plate but if you simply get it positioned properly you can gain an extra 1 - 1.5 mph. If you just bolt in on it sits too high in the hull and the step up from the pump shoe to the rideplate is too large. Lower the plate, especially at the front, and your speed will go up.
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    what phillip said!!!! also where are you located? the air may be holding you back some also.

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    Why the 100 octane and synthetic oil? Have you run it with just supreme 91 or 93 and regular 2 stroke oil.

    Get the extended steering nozzle.

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    Your fuel may be hurting you! You can run pump gas (92-93oct) up to about 165lbs

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    Thumbs up There must be something wrong with my GP1300R

    Thanks to all of you that posted there points…

    SUCKMYWAKE and Dirty Sanchez – on my pump shoes I have used the RIVA Pump Seal Kit.

    Green Hornet – I it was recommended to use 100 octane and synthetic oil after I added the Moto Tassinari VForce 3 Reed Valve and especially the R&D Pro Series Head Kit. I was said that the 100 octane will keep the engine temperate at reasonable low levels and the Synthetic oil will not create any carbon remains in my cylinder and on my pistons.

    Bow tie klr – I am located in Cyprus, Europe (Mediterranean sea) and I am testing it at sea level.

    Philip gpr – The auto drop trim nozzle is in neutral position (N), and it is levelled with the jet thrust nozzle. In other words the auto drop trim nozzle is in a centre position with the jet thrust nozzle.

    Must I remove the free flow and replace the stock one?

    I will follow the thread that you have indicated for the ride plate because you are right, I am using a Riva plate for the last 2 months.

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    you should be at 73 to 75....use 800 grate,efi,make sure you have 150 psi if not cut .020 ,jet works is great for low end ,step your sponsons,this is good for launch,100 octane probably is not hurting nor helping....the ride plate is where you will get some more speed...try to get jim to cut you added 3 to 4 on my can contact fercho for the package and all your woes will be solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXPkiller
    Your fuel may be hurting you! You can run pump gas (92-93oct) up to about 165lbs
    What I'm saying is IF you're timing/compression isn't set for that high of oct. Then you're NOT getting the full power from the fuel. It will not burn as fast and thus cuases a loss in power. This was an issues I had when running over oct, fule in my boat. Now that I'm running a lower mix my RPMs are better and the power is smoth...

    Now I'll have to change back up to a higher oct when I put my timing key in this winter.

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