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    Buncha clips & Pics

    Download all the files in the "AVI Codec" folder to a folder on your PC & run the codec.exe to install to view the .avi clips. It's the samsung codec that came with my camera so it's safe. Right click "save as" is a much faster way to view.

    Hope to get more this weekend in laughlin with OCgpr
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    I have more clips with ocgpr cruising through topock,needles,havasu,laughlin.

    But I don't think he'd want you guys to see my limited 97 GSX 800 walking by his 01 stage 2 xlt

    Nah, that didn't happen, When I get the ftp working I can uload them.

    Here's a 94.5MB clip crunched to a cheesy .WMV format so it's gonna suck. The Quality is half... at best. But it will fit on my 20mb space though..
    It should uploaded by 11:30 pm

    Right click save as...
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