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Thread: gas gauge help

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    gas gauge help

    where should I start on fixing the fuel gauge on my 96 polaris slt700? I cant find a place to buy a fuel pick up and sender or if that is even the problem, is there a way to test the fuel pick up? thanks.

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    john zigler is a member on here and has alot of good used parts.. check with him.. hes a good guy too deal with

    but testing, wait for another member too chime in on this..

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    Have you removed the sender module from the fuel tank?

    You can test the sender with a multi-meter. It should read 240 ohms when empty, and 33 ohms when full (approximately). If you have the sender out of the tank, you can connect your meter to the black and pink wires.

    Then tilt the sender sideways to cause the float inside to slide towards the top. Don't turn the sender completely upside down, or the float can slide so far up that it passes beyond the 'full' position, and registers low instead.

    If the ohm-meter is showing you that the sender resistance varies as the float moves, then the float itself probably needs replacing.

    You can verify that the MFD display is working by plugging the sender back into the harness, and again tilting it to slide the float level. Press any button on the MFD to wake it up. The MFD should respond slowly to sender changes, so give it a minute.

    MFD Fuel level reads low and red warning lamp is flashing, but the fuel tank is full
    The original float inside the sender unit can become gas-logged, and no longer floats in the gasoline.
    Polaris replacement part number is 2872860

    I think John Zigler can now supply these, and possibly Sharp's Marine.

    Online, World of Powersports used to show
    PO2872860 FLOAT,KIT,FUEL SENDER for about $30

    May also be available from LawnMowerPros and
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    thanks I'll try to test the float.

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