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    Talking What a piston shouldn't look like

    When I was on the river Saturday my craft dropped a cylinder again (suprise, suprise). I beached her and pulled the plug to see if I put another hole throw a piston.... nope. Get home, pull the head and then the cylinder. The piston skirts cracked off!!!!! How does that happen? Faulty piston maybe?

    I bought the piston over at Has anyone used them before?

    Anywho, there are some pieces of the skirts sitting in the bottom of the crankcase. Not quite sure what I do from here. Enjoy the pictures.
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    I should also mention that the rest of the rotating assemble seems fine, the rod is still perfect and the crank/bearings look and rotate fine. As soon as I dropped the cylinder I pulled the lanyard right away to prevent further damage.

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    One possibility: A little extra play in the crank bearings will cause the piston to clatter in the cylinder, which will eventually break the piston skirt.

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    My GPR looked exactly like this the first time it blew. Sucks big time!

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    Piston slap from too much clearance?

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    Yea. could have been too much clearance between the piston and cylinder. The cylinder wall has a bunch of score marks, so I'm just going to get a cylinder and head, seeing as how that's junk too, on eBay or on here and go from there.

    Does anyone think pulling the engine is necessary?

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    I also vote for cylinder to piston clearance. And yes, i would be pulling it to inspect/ clean the lower end. You'll be surprised how many little pieces you'll find floating around in there.

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    Well, looks like my season is over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATSAaron
    I am still doing inventory, but I have lots of 750 and 785 jugs. Let me know if you need some.

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    If it makes ya feel any season just began.

    spent the entire spring and summer redoing my pro. I've only been able to burn 4 or 5 tanks of gas. I'll maybe only get one more day in, gotta start farming in a week or so and will be working 7 days a week

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