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    Jerry I need some advice please

    Jerry not too long ago I started losing rpms on my 05 had always been consistantly 8050. I had the sc clutch changed out with the upgraded Rotax Hp. No increase in rpms, still 7850. I changed out the wear ring today and took her for a spin..I could tell the difference but it wasn't much. I noticed that even though my wear ring was just a year old it was not in bad shape when I changed it out. Now, I'm not sure what to check for. Someone mentioned to me that the prop may need to be repitched as they lose their original pitch over time and this could throw the rpm's off. The prop also looked good, no nicks etc. of any kind, just polished around the leading edges.
    Could I be having problems with my rev limiter?
    BTW, everything is stock except for the sc upgrade and a BOV. Any advice..thanks for the help!

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    I see you are in Arizona. More than likely your RPM's are pretty much normal for the extreme heat you ride in. I recommend you take 2mm pitch out of the trailing edge of your prop to get those R's up.

    Oh, and if you arent already running the metal washers in your supercharger clutch you need to be

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    No, I'm not running the metal washers yet. But even though I'm in Arizona I have always gotten 8050 rpms. Are you saying that my pitch may be off from original? I plan to get a Solas at the end of the summer.

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    where you able to get 8050rpm with your BOV???? could your BOV be leaking? that could cause your loss of revs is it was bleeding a little boost.

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    The 8050 rpms was before I changed the sc clutch and put the BOV on..before that it had started doing only 7850 rpm's.

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