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    cracks in my hull!!!

    Hello everyone,
    This is a very refreshing site compared know!

    Anyhow, this is my problem, just noticed this little surface crack on the nose of my sxi pro was growing everytime I went out. So I lifted the front and looked under the lip and this is what I found:

    (the pics make it look a lot worse than it actually is (macro close up).
    Can this be repaired and how do I go about it? Thanks for your input.
    Pic 4 is from underneath the front lip.
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    ive fixed these sort of things on my old race 550 when i use to go stump jumping.........
    grind out all the broken stuff AND hairline looks like fiberglass but i thought all kawasakis were smc???? anyway, grind it all out, drill small divets in it to hold the liquid when you get to that stage. clean it out real good with some type of brake cleaner or the such thats fast dry. when its completely dry and i mean dry, get you some 2 part epoxy and fiberglass matting, cut the matting to the length/width of the area you ground down, put epoxy in the bad areas and in the divets you drilled (you may have to turn upside down to get the bottom to work/look good), coat the pre-cut fiberglass matting with epoxy on both sides, put the glass matting on, put another layer of epoxy over it again and smooth with a plastic spreader. you may have to wait until the epoxy cures (it'll get warm) before you add more layers. just keep building up the surface until you think you got it pretty close. then let it cure, sand the hell out of it with a very, very coarse sand paper to try and smooth it out, then check to see if there are any imperfections and if so, just mix a little more epoxy and fill. then let it cure and sand smooth again. then fine sand it baby butt smooth then hit it with some auto spray paint thats white and matches thats chemical resistant. kawasaki use to use emron paint but i dont know if they still do or not but i use the walmart spray paint auto touch up stuff and works good.
    send me an email and for any questions. you need epoxy resin or epoxy for smc for sure, if you want it to be durable again. it will be the toughest spot on the ski.
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