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    Thanks Greenhulk - I finally figured out the stand-up sit-down thing...

    OK, so I just registered here (X refugee) and feel instantly at home: you guys are a bunch of cool people who are totally into their sport and who are taking it to a level beyond simply recreation. I bet you couldn't start a stand-up/sit-down fight over here (I'm not trying - really): it's like a car fanatic going to a motorbike event: you may not want to get on one, but you have to admire the work people have put into their bikes, and you feel an instant affinity with them.

    So what's the stand-up/sit-down crap that goes on everywhere? I've got to thing it's more of a sport vs. recreation thing. I bet when any of you guys are down at the lake or wherever on a fire-breathing ski, and some person on a stock sitter waves at you in that "hey - me too" kind of way, that you have the exact same - "dude - you have no idea" kind of reaction than we standers ("lake lice" ) get.

    So, here's my theory: the vast majority of people on sit-downs are recreational riders, and racers/performance freaks are a small minority. I think the reverse is true on stand-ups: that the vast majority of stand-up riders are in the performance category, and VERY few are recreational riders who go to the lake just to tool around when it's hot.

    So, if you take any sample of stand-up riders with any sample of sit-down riders, then in all probability you've got some serious, performance oriented stand-up types, with some recreational sit-down types. The two groups are instantly on either side of the sport vs. recreation divide, not the stand-up vs. sit-down divide. It's all about the statistics.

    So, that's my theory, and it all stems from feeling right at home here with a group of like-minded people who categorize themselves as something different from recreational riders. Now I have to go and ride. I hope I get to see someone making repeated runs as they dial in a new set-up on their performance sit-down, but I fear I'll see a bunch of fat kids doing 180's and smiling at me in that "bet you can't do that" kind of way....


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    I totally agree. I think meshing the X and Greenhulk was a fantastic idea. Thanks for giving us a shelter while our home is rebuilt.

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    wow, adrian!

    i think youre 100% right in your theory

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    Quite well stated

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    Your a tool.........Hahaha...Just kidding....well stated.

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    As always...... Well Said Adrain!!!!

    Now I have two sites to visit since I ride both! Cool - Now I will never get ANY work done........LOL

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    Very well said!

    It's absolutely amazing what has transpired on this forum over the last year. 1st, i brought the two rivals, the "Sea Doo gang" and the "Yamaha gang" together and we now coexist in perfect harmony. Now the unthinkable has happened and we have stand up guys on a sit down forum and are happy to be here. Who would have thunk it? We owe it all to SuperJETT for coming up with the idea for this to happen.

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    Thanks for the temp home! I don't ride, but you all seem like good people too me . I was new to h-x2o, but the short time I've been around everyones been cool, even though i don't ride at all. Just wanted to let you all know that there are some pics from Labor day weekend @ Barnegat Inlet up now @

    Thanks for beeing so cool everyone

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    Yeah its nice to see ppl that are actually into sitdowns not just ppl that ride them LOL Props to you all Ive been on some pretty badass ones I understand the thrill for sure.

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    Very well put, Adrian. This site's got it going on for the sit-down riders. Thanks GH for letting us be a part. Great minds think alike, and I think we will all be blending not bashing

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