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    Latest Saga

    As many of you know my MSX150 took a crap and ate a valve. Lucky for me Polaris paid for all of the parts, I just had to do the labor. No big deal just time invested. Removing and re-installing the engine is not a picnic but it wasn't to bad. After reinstalling the motor and hooking everything up I tried to fire her up. To my dismay she fired once, ran real rough and I shut it down. I noticed that when I inserted the lanyard I did not hear any relays clicking nor would my Electronic Throttle Body (ETB) move, which is supposed to with the lanyard installed. I shot for continuity all the way to the ECU through the connector of the System Interface board (SIFB) and it was good. What I found was that voltage would get to the SIFB but not through it to the computer, so this should be the problem right? WRONG, I put in a new SIFB and I still do not get clicking relays or ETB movement like the book says. I have a PM into Jay but I was trying to see if anyone else has any advice.

    PS - When I jumpered the line around the SIFB the relays & ETB work like they are supposed to with the lanyard installed
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    WAG! =wild ass guess! since this is a new problem? any chance a ground is bad after the re install?

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