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    SL650 with SL750 jugs?

    Hi, I emailed Beerdart since he mentioned putting a 750 motor into a SL650. He suggested I post this here for additional help.

    I exchanged some emails with a guy on eBay selling some 750 jugs and heads. He claims that I can just bolt these onto my 1992 SL650 to make it into a 750.

    Is it really this simple? I can run the stock 650 crank? What about the carbs and electrics?

    I've got my SL650 running prett good, at about 43mph on GPS, but I think I've got a bearing going bad, my center cylinder keeps sucking pieces through it. Here's a pic:

    So I'm guessing I'll be pulling this motor over the winter to rebuild the crank. I'm considering some other mods while I've got the motor out.

    Can anybody confirm that the carbs, electrics, and crank will work just fine with 750 jugs/pistons? And does anybody have an opinion on the damage to my head? (I mailed this head to Randy at Watcon to get his opinion, but haven't heard back yet)

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    The lower section of the fuji's are the same you would need to rejet! and the cdi would probably benefit you also? that head might be water intrusion? let's see what others think! it is so clean! Z

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    Depends on the year of both motors. You will need to rejet. The cdi's may be different, but the parts are exactly the same. the 750 is just a bigger bore.

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    A 750 top end will bolt right onto the 650 bottom end. They are the same, as is the 780's bottom end. You could bolt a 780 top end but you would need the 780 exhaust manifold, which is different from the 650/750.

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    I am still doing inventory, but I have lots of 750 and 785 jugs. Let me know if you need some.


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    Hi all, thanks for your help and suggestions. Aaron, I'm going to China for a few months but I'll be in touch over the winter for some cyl's! I've always had a target for this ski of 50 mph, to at least keep my 2000 SLX in sight, I think that will be a lot more do-able with a 750 than a 650 motor...

    Z, I agree that the head looks so clean, but probably that's down to the 1/2 hour I had to drive to get back to the boat launch. I was zipping along at 40mph or so, and then it went flat, dropped to 30mph. The spark plug got crushed. So the cleanness is probably from the gas w/no spark. Oh, and the sandblasting from the crank parts! Oops...

    I talked with Randy at Watcon, he never got the head! Friggin' USPS, somebody opened the package, and took out the head. No problem though, Randy did get the spark plug, and he saw traces of thrust washer and bearing cage stuck to it, so yes, the crank is toast. Bearings are coming apart. Guess I know what I'm doing in January!

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    That does explain the cleanliness! If you need 1 head let me know! if you go to 750 jugs sell me your 650 jugs for spares? PS ! USPS lost my 210.00 worth of parts from PARTS LAND .com! after following up with USPS 10 times it was obvious that It was a complete inside job! full of lies and deceit! luckily Parts land sent new stuff and ate the loss! Z

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