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    Don't know if I want to go there but..........

    Any opinions on a stroked crank? what are the pros and cons? Thanks

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    bigger rotating circle,more time needed to move thru that circumference, compaired to a shorter stroke ...IMO, more bottom end torque,maybe a little lag in responce with a loss in top rpm.... you will be able to swing a steeper impeller but....

    !!! this will put added strain on all other component.
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    If you're asking... ...I think the GRRs have always had enough torque on the bottom end (where you'd see the real gains.) I think you'd loss just a bit on the top. Also, after talking to Lowell about this last year, turns out you can't go out that far before you have to do some real work to the case and the crank. But heck, unless someone who's tried it chimes in with a proven negitive, I say go for it and let us know.

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    any opinions on a stroked crank for gpr's

    just wanted to revive this thread instead of making a new one,
    any one else has had any good or bad results or info on a stroked crank?

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    A stroker crank is about the only way to get the TimeArea Right for the big displacement pistons.

    The biggest downside is the COST of the stroker crank. The next biggest downside is Cost To Port - extra time. Transfer and exhaust ports need to be Lowered one half the stroke distance. Head must be opened to allow piston out the top of the cylinder - Positive Deck.

    I would say Cost and Time are the downside. Plus a Conversion impeller is REQUIRED. Then you have to dial it all in. There are limits with the stock case & crank - about 3mm. Change rods & pistons, and go to cylinder wall limit.

    See Woody's Thread! Good Detail on the process.


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