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    1st ride with new piston

    with the 3 pump installed...i can already observe the transparent hose fuel going into my each carb and i observe that the fuel of my mag carb is going back to the fuel pump not like the center and pto carb,the fuel is just holding...and also my mag cyclinder is not working, im only running two cyclinders this afternoon when i tried it in the river, i tried to swap maybe it is the plug and also check if spark exsist in the mag tension wire, but its what do you think guys??? i was thinking my needle valve is leaking and my mag cyclinder drowned thats and thats why my fuel in the mag hose won't hold the fuel......,i was using the softest carb spring which is the silver one....i also have a spare, the black color but i still wan't to drown the new piston with fuel part of breaking-end...BTW, whats the action the limpmode will do? could it be possible the limp mode is the one stoping the mag cyclinder to work???thanx

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    after checking the carb for leaking...i found out there is a leaking fuel in my my mag cyclinder now...i have a very big problem...this morning i tried starting my won't start anymore, it would just backfire to the exahaust...what could cause this???? i checked the spark and its good, yesterday the skii starts well....i don't know why suddenly it won't start??help please... what is the signs of backfires in the exhaust????

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    Timing usually. You can break reeds too with a backfire.

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    Pull the plugs and see if the cases/cylinders are full of fuel. You need to verify the carbs are in good working order and that they do NOT leak into the cylinders.

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    it really won't start, im sure its not my pulling my flywheel now and check for the stator timing...
    ;( tired of this.... could it be possible my stator moved???? if i break reads...the engine can still start??
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    If you break reeds, it will start but as soon as you put it on the water under load, it will not run right and just stall.

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    found the problem already.... my flywheel spined thru my crankshaft... my halfmoon lock we called it here "conya" was damage ang slipped tru the teeth of the out of timing thats why it won't start..... i sent the flywheel to the machine shop and rebuild the lock again....

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