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    SL750 Shaft Mid-Bearing Design Question

    I'm over from PWCtoday.....

    I've recently replaced the seals, in the drive shaft mid bearing housing, and am wondering the actual purpose of this Bearing? shaft seal assembly ?

    I have just realized that the bearing/seal assembly is only supported on the rear by hose clamps and the hose to the ski hull.

    The front of the assy (towards the engine output) is left floating, only attached to the plastic cover thing, that isn't attached to anything..

    Question: Is it really doing anything other than keeping out the water from inside the hull?

    Seems like it really should be supported at both ends to be effective as a bearing or even as a seal assembly.

    Your thoughts please.

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    Hi Dorf! Glad your here! That acts as a water intrusion seal! and as you thought a bearing! but really it keeps it from oscillating not really a support bearing! Z

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    Hey Dorf, Really glad you made it!!!

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    Yup. All it does is keep the seals centered so the water stays on the outside. It's really not even a bearing. Just a bushing.

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    Mid Bearing Shaft Seal

    Thanks for the replys.

    Last question on this subject. When I took the shaft out there wasn't very much residual grease in between the seals. I have used ample amounts of grease every few hours or so.

    Where did the grease go? How much grease is the proper amount to use?

    I've used WalMart Marine grease(small tubes) on most things(seems to work good). In years past green color Lubricplate was available but no more.

    Suggestions on grease to use are appreciated and also where to buy.

    Thanks !!!

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    I also am diligent about lubing that fitting! and have also noticed the lack of lube when I remove it! It must work it's way out the back? that shaft is hauling ass so I bet the thick lube gets pretty thin under way! also I never see lube in the hull ! I use Mercruiser Gimbel and u joint lube myself Z

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    I've been using the standard old Polaris Marine grease and I usually have a good supply of grease, how often are you guys lubing the fiiting?

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    like every 8 hours! the manual is 25 hrs I think! it's not dry just not as full as you'd expect!

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    Welcome Dorf- I was just going to ask this same Question today on how often-type of greese to use-I'm in salt water 100% I guess I'll start using at 5 hours and not 10 (Polaris manual had 20 hours)

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