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    Couple of questions;

    1. I installed the block off plates and it seemed as though they were not flush all the way. It is kind of tough to tell if the o-ring if complete making a seal. Is this common?

    2. Anyone have any suggestions on putting back in the modified PPG air box and blower. It actually came out easier then it is going in. THe straps for the gas tank have been a pain in the butt. I am going to duck tape them on so they stay in place. Any other little tips would be great.



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    whos block off plates are they ?? .I had to dremel out a small section where the spider gear bolt sat in the center because it did not sit flat .. did u get them from bill oniel by any chance?

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    Sorry but I can't help you with number one. On number two two, be sure to get someone to help you guide the airbox in from the engine side. Duct taping the straps to the hull wall is good as it will prevent them from falling into a location that is difficult to reach. Be sure that the straps are parallel to each other and not criss crossed before duct taping. It is also a good idea to tie up and away the wires and cables that are coming out of the handlebar area. Also make sure that the voltage regulator (the retangular box w/wires that attaches to the air box) is out of your way. If you look at the fuel tank before you put it in, you can see that it is shaped specially for the air box. You'll know when it is in all the way as it will fit like a puzzle and you'll be able to hold it snug up against the fuel tank. You can then go ahead and put your fuel straps on so that the air box does not move when you reattach the hoses.

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    I bought the block off plates from PPG but they are Riva's


    thanks for the little tips.....I was trying to do it by myself. I will see if I could get an extra pair of hands.


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    If you gottum from Bill O'Neil you'll have to drill a small counter sink where little bolt sticks out. That'll make it fit flat. big

    Just noticed where you got them, probably the same small mod though.

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