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    I made it over here

    I'm glad to see so many familiar people over here. I'm not banned from the other site yet, but I know what has happened from reading

    Anyway, not much new over here. I haven't ridden my 785 since July. I bought a 99 Superjet in July and have been playing with that. It's getting cooler here, so I'll probably switch back to the 785 PRO to finish out the year.

    In the last round of modifications to the 785 PRO I added a Hot Seat head with pump gas domes, a Watcon long driveshaft, a non-cracked bored Nozzle (also from Watcon), and I took the spacer out of my Wet Wolf AAT. I played with the shuttles a little bit. The ski does a pretty consistent 65mph now. I was able to out top speed a 2006 Kawasaki STX-15F.

    Future mods: I have a set of V-Force 2 reeds sitting in the garage for it, but no time to install them. I also have a set of race gas domes for the hot seat head and an extra CDI I need to send to Randy to get tuned for 100 octane.

    I also picked up a pair of 650SL's to flip. One is a 92 model like ZMann's. It's no where near as nice as his though. It needed the carbs rebuilt (and installed correctly) and it fired right up.

    The other is a 94 that had low compression in two cylinders. I'm swapping out the 650 pistons and cylinders for 1mm overbored 750cc cylinders. that should make it a 766cc when I am done. I have a 650 dry pipe for it too. I also added the factory Polaris updated F/A kit (basically a domestic style F/A for the Fuji's). What I like about the Polaris kit is how complete it is. It has a fuel pump bracket, all the necesary carb jets, oil injector caps, zip ties, nuts, bolts, etc. I have a Jet Dynamics intake grate and a custom extended ride plate I bought from addicted(?). I hope it will run in the mid 50's.

    Glad to be back,


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    Glad you made it Aaron. I also picked up a 92 650 it is the orange one I paid $147.00 for it and it was local.I have a rebulit 750 and extended pump to install in it.

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    Wow, great deal.


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    Hi!!!! I tried to track you down on some other forums! but I would of had to register with them to email you? anyway!! I have the 92 blue gas cap if you still need it? pm me your Addy! Z

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    AAron you have some nice pieces going for your projects, Great to see you!!!

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