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    RIP BROCKY 05 australian legend

    Not sure if many you guys in the US know of Peter Brock but he was a champion touring car driver for the holden dealer team and rally driver. Also just the greatest allround guy.
    This afternoon in Western Australia competing in a targa rally his car collided with a tree and passed away at the scene.
    Grown men here have broken down in tears hearing that he has passed away.
    My childhood hero and many an australian's hero.


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    I dont know how much my mind can take !!! Fair dinkum !! First Croc Hunter then Peter Brock !!!! Arrrgghhhhhh ! I need a ride on the ski to clear my head !!

    I was very fortunate to meet him and his wife at a charity dinner ! I begged him for the race shirt he wore that day !!! He said " You want the shirt gotta pay big time to my favourite charity" ... I gave him a figure ..he took the shirt off ..his wife was joking ...Thats needs a wash !!! Hehehehehehehe !

    To this day ..its my pride and joy ... badges and PBrock on the wash tag written by his wife ....

    RIP Brockie ...

    To the USA guys ..he's the guy who did a few Mobil 1 advertisments a few yrs ago ..for the US market ....


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    This is my post from a motor racing site I go to posted on Sept 8.

    I just found out today after work.
    My mother emailed me a link as she couldn't reach me by phone.

    I'm not to proud to admit that I did shed a tear.
    He was a childhood hero of mine and to this day I have a team jacket signed by Peter Brock and Win Percy at Oran park. Never worn it out of respect but has traveled the world with me.

    R.I.P. Peter Perfect . You inspired many youngsters and brought smiles to the faces of many a fan.

    God speed my friend.

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    Peter Brock.

    It's to me quite mind blowing that this has happened to Peter Brock.

    I saw him first race in the 70s, may have even been the late 60s, I'm a bit too numb to remember the details at the moment.

    I saw him race and win so many times at Bathurst, and the only "moment" I can remember he ever had in all his racing was for the rear end to let go at Bathurst about 20 years ago, and the Holden smashed into the wall, up the top of the mountain backwards.
    He escaped shaken, and his crew re-built the car overnight, as they do all over the world when these things happen.

    No doubt the rear end let go here too, but seems it was wet and that big tree just happend to be in the way of the right side door where Brocky was piloting that thing.

    He gave us so much joy here in OZ over many years. RIP Brocky.

    PS Boris, you probably know Wyn Percy is not too flash either.
    Saw him race lots of times too----remember him well in the V12 Jag. at Bathurst in the 80s.
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