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    Newbie Question

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and also kinda new to the pwc scene. Although I've rode them many times in the past, I have never owned one until now. Anyways, here is my question, I bought a 2006 Sea Doo GTX and the dealer told me that I needed to bring the unit in when I hit 10hrs. for a check-up. They also told me that it would cost about $180 for the 10hr service, and if I didn't bring it in, that it could cost me warranty. Is this correct? Thanks John

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Yes and no!
    the 10 hour check up has a list of things to check, and an oil change service, which is important. The dealers have guidlines/list of what to check for, overall, bolts, obvious items, leaks etc.,check operation, basically go over the product. $180.00 is about average. that is mostly labor and oil change service. Pay attention to your ski, observing any fluid losses are water leaking into hull. The service gets logged into the system using your Hull Identification number as account, and anytime the ski goes in for service, this will be on file. You can also learn how to do you own oil changes to save a little $$ and get to know your machine. Alot of the services can be done by you with the proper tools and level of mechanical skills. You will find basically anything you need to know right here at greenhulk forums. and if you have any questions, there are eager, helpfull members to guide you along... So congratulations!, enjoy your new ski, and please ride responsibly! ...PR...

    if there is no record of certain services to be performed along the way, you can get denied warranty repair if said neglected services are a direct result of damage or claim.
    things that are not covered would be:
    wear rings, props, wear and tear etc...
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