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    If you own a ZXI, please read!!!

    go to premix and never look back...

    first time couple of years ago my oil pump went out casuing the engine to blow

    last week a oil line came off, causing my engine to blow

    it's not worth the block off kit and be done with it..

    just some words of caution........................................... ..................

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    Good info, I did it in 1995 on the 900ZXI. I didnt know anyone still rode those!! The 900 has about 600 hours on it (I think, no way to know for sure) and last time out it still rode and ran great. The crank and cases have never been replaced but I have went through several pistons (thanks to MRD injection).......

    The ZXI is retired now but I could bring it back into the game if needed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutlawGPR

    The ZXI is retired now but I could bring it back into the game if needed...
    I am shaking in my boots. .....LOL

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    I could bring it back for the children to ride or whatever!!! I have other things to satisfy my need for speed....

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    I still ride my 2002zxi occasionally. It porpoises too much but it has a TDR waterbox and it's really loud and some sweet UMI steering so it looks cool.

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    my kids ride the chit out of my ol 750zxi

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