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    New Rxp break-in procedure

    Hello, I was browsing the net and am very happy to have found this site. I just purchased an 05 RXP and I was curious about the break-in procedure. The manual says nothing over 3/4 throttle and throttle variations in different rpms for the first 10 hours. The mechanic at the dealer I bought it from said to do short WOT for about 5-10 sec's after about 3 hours. Another guy said you should only use the learner key for the first 10 hrs ( thats sounds kinda lame ). I was just wondering if I do use short blasts of WOT, am I going to void my warranty. Also, I don't know anyone else who has one of these RXP's, but when I first start to accelerate I hear a slight grumbling noise and then it quits as I gain momentum and the rpm go up, is this normal. I really enjoy this RXP and I just want to make sure I don't mess anything up and Sea-doo tells me that I voided my warranty because of a few open throttles. Thanks for any info and I really enjoy your site.

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    Break in.
    Before each ride, do a visual inspection of Oil level, all hoses an for any loose clamps, brackets etc.
    Warm up the engine totally first(in water) (off plane for 2-3 minutes) they warm up fast
    Take it easy for the first hr, no more than 4000-5000 rpm.
    Vary throttle for first two hrs, no more than 5000 rpm. Don't stay at one rpm for long periods.
    Let ski completly cool, down then repeat (this destresses the block).
    After 3-4 hrs, short bursts of WOT are good, but don't go to top speed, just accelerate, then back off to 5000 rpm then repeat.
    After 6 hrs, go to WOT for no more than 10 seconds.
    After 7 hrs, your pretty much all done, ride it as you like but just refrain from long term WOT runs (more than 30 seconds)
    10 hrs, change the oil.
    As for the learning key, NO, use the normal key.
    If the growling noise is between 4500 and 5000 rpm, its normal.

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