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    Need advice to hop up 2004 RXP

    Ok fellow Sea-doo lovers I need some help. I have a 2004 RXP with approx 75 hrs on it, totally stock. It runs 7800rpm wot, speed? well who knows speedo says 70mph but it has never been on gps. Last week I raced some hot shot on the lake with a J-craft and a 300hp evinrude and he beat me, not by much, but he had enough top end to slowly pull away from me. Well, losing sucks and it's time to open the wallet. What do I need to do to get this thing ino the high 70's or low 80's on gps. I have spent a lot of time researching on the internet and read lot's about the Riva kits and ECU's, is there a proven setup out there that somebody has tried that works?
    Losing sucks!!!

    stonylake rxp

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    First of all if its stock with that many hours you had better get rid of those ceramic supercharger washers before they fail 1st thing! Now dont wait another minuite!
    Replace the front engine mount with the RR one also!
    Reverse bucket trim.
    Fill ride plate holes.
    Rear air intake for the supercharger like Jerry has.
    Replace impeller with a Solas for your setup.
    RE opas block offs
    While replacing ceramic washers replace sc wheel of your choice.
    Prob. need new pump wear ring if not already replaced.

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    Oh yea!
    Also welcome to the board

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    welcome to the board!
    I second the previous post. get the metal S/C washers to ensure you dont blow the thing up. and then, read up on the posts here and you will find all you need to know and all you need to spend and buy!..

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    Why doesnt seadoo just have recall, and get these metal washers on the S/Cs instead of replacing entire S/Cs broken that are under warranty. It would seem to be a better business practice.

    Any comments

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    The Riva Stage I kit will get you to 71 MPH most likely. Or you can do the Riva Stage 2 for $2800 new to get you to 73-75 MPH range.

    Or for around $4000 new, this is a proven, reliable setup that will put you in the upper 70's depending on rider size and location:

    Rotax Racing "Racing" ECU
    Rotax Racing IC / plumbing kit / IC blockoff
    Rotax Racing Exhaust Pipe
    Rotax Racing SC Impeller
    Metal SC washers
    42lb injectors
    Riva Grate
    Riva SS Wear Ring
    GreenHulk tweaked Solas 15/20 (-2mm)
    K&N/Stock elbow/rear air intake (or 4 inch if interested)
    Rideplate holes filled

    I have it on two RXPs now. One has about 140 hours on it and running strong. It took Franko and I the better part of a day to install this kit on my new 06 RXP last Sunday and I am very happy with the results.

    You can also use the Riva IC with this setup, and people state the Riva IC/Exhaust will give you more performance, but its more expensive, comes with plastic pipes and forces you to cut a hole in your hull. If you are like me and don't like plastic pipes, you have to pay more on top of the Riva IC kit to get metal pipes for it further raising the cost. But if you want max performance, then cost shouldn't be a factor.

    The previous are all bolt-on kits. To get to 80+ the price tag is $6000-$8000, and you need to start looking at a B Kit/fuel controller setup or the (currently unproven) Riva Stage III kit that is due out soon which requires going into the motor a bit.

    That's the bulk of the kits that are available. You just gotta decide what you want to spend to get there in terms or modding time and money.

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