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    Bad Day At The Lake....:(

    Well guys I made it to 94.6 hours on my RXP clutch it just finally let go... I was coming back to havasu from the springs. There was a pretty big storm rolling in but we were already half way home (I was on my RXP and my parents were on there GTX Limited and we were hitting 4 to 5 foot swells it was pretty fun for a while. I was about 2 hundred yards out from tompson bay when I noticed it wasnt running right. As soon as I got into tompson bay I pulled the Seat Calling off and heard a horrible knocking...i was like eeeeeeeek thats not good. Needless to say I got it back to the launch ramp.. Along that trip I lost my sunglasses and the front rubber piece that goes around the nose ..

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    Man that sucks.

    btw, there is a service bulliten on the rubber nose piece.

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    Uhhhhhhhhhh I hate to be the one to poop in your Cheerios,but...........
    I don't think the clutch will make a knocking noise when it fails.............
    MINE made a WHINING sound for about 2 minutes,then all the noise well as all my BOOST

    If you got a knockin' sound,ya might wanna be checkin' the bottom end bearings

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