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    2004 to 2006 RXP upgrade

    I am not sure if this was addressed earlier in the forum, but can you please advise what are the components required to upgrade a 2004 RXP to be a 2006.

    If this is possible does the RIVA stage III ECU differs? What I mean is that after having the new set-up to 2006 which ECU is compatible to the originally 2004 RXP? Does it remain the same 04-05 RIVA ECU or the 06 ECU?

    I also saw that the RIVA clutch washers require a 2006 style Sea.Doo supercharge shafts. Is this the only component I need to upgrade to fit the RIVA heavy duty clutch washers to a 2004 RXP?

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    Metal clutch washers are available for your ski right now:

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    I think I had read somewhere that the ECU for the 04 and 05 were the same but it was different for the 06.There was a change made for the 06 cam.I would think the washer and shaft would both be in the kit as high as it is.Does anyone know when the kits will be released.

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