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    Reverse lever *$% OUCH$%$%

    Well, I learned this weekend that the reverse lever can very nicely pinch your ring finger if your not careful.
    While towing my son on his knee board, I often go to reverse then neutral to let him catch the board, (the ski idles faster than he can swim).
    Well, I put in into froward and @#$@#$OUCH#$%#$% it pinches my ring finger right on the nail (which hurts even more). What numb nuts designed that lever!
    I'm beginning to think the ski is posesed!! (LOL)

    P.S is ther supposed to be a detent at the neutral position?

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    I have been pinched before too

    No, there is no detent for neutral. Sure would be nice if it did though.

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    The "neutral" position is dependent on too many variables to have a detent location for it. This is good in a way because you can compensate for wind and current and get the boat to almost stand still...something you can not do with a conventional F -N- R on an outboard motor, for instance. You can make the idle speed slower by riding with the reverse gate partially need to keep switching between full forward and reverse and risking the "finger pinch"


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