I went out riding today, I have 1.5 hours on the new efi motor setup. I had filled the gas tank up completely before going back out today. After riding for about 20 minutes, I noticed I went from full tank down to half a tank and then down to two bars. I turned around and headed back thinking I had a fuel leak somewhere, but could not find it. We looked in the front compartment and noticed that my gas tank had imploded. Heres a question, the vent tube that goes through the check valve, into the fuel separator and then out the side of the hull, there is a white square box there with a nipple on the very bottom. Is that nipple suppose to be opened or closed? Minor problems keep following my ski.
Also, by adjusting the amount of oil being delivered by increasing or decreasing the amount of oil, like on a seadoo, does it change how the tps works? As if I loosen the oil up to deliver less oil, will that change the tps setting? I know on seadoos you can change the oil lever and it will change the tps.