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    Typical Novice Rider

    I came across this post at one of the famous anti-doo sites and couldn't stop laughing.

    rode both yesterday for the first time... ill start /w the rxp...

    i dont ride sit downs... ever, but if i did, i wouldnt rule out the rxp... the power was always there, and it was easy to get it straight up in the air. draw backs would be that the steering is very sloppy, i couldnt get it to stick, it would just slide out, even /w the trim all the way down... speaking of the trim, i liked how it was very fast... the boat seemed wobbly at top speed... but the thing i hated about it the most, the other 3 olive green rxps on the lake always wanted to race me, like theirs might be a hair faster... the one i was riding had the stage one kit, i didnt bother to stop and ask the other riders if they did too but we were pretty much even at top speed.
    what i dont like about the rxp - the handling, its too easy for idiots to do 360s all day long
    what i do like about the rxp - the power, and the noise of that blower
    His first 5 words, "I don't ride sit downs", he then goes on to talk about the + and - of this ski.

    His point from his opinion, it can't turn. I hear it all the time from these clowns. The problem isn't that the ski can't turn, it's because the rider can't turn it. I've got 81 hours on the rxp, i can turn it on a dime, or i can spin it out. And I am sure you can too.

    I won't say who this bozo is, but I can tell you he's a stand up rider. It's funny that he equates doing 360's to idiots. But how's that any different than 5 of those stand-ups buzzing around a cove all day long.

    To CLARIFY for the sake of 11, I didn't post this here to have a war with anyone. I posted it to point out that what most novice rxp riders say about the rxp is said because they are novice and don't know how to work the ski. It takes time.

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    Yeah, the sound of the blower! And I wonder, which Stage 1?

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