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    Limited , Way2Fast 3 degree wedge question

    I did the plastic bushing flip on the steering nozzle on my rxt. I currently have a 2 degree wedge and my RXT seems to ride nose low. I was bashing wakes.

    I was thinking of putty some metal epoxy and my wedge and sanding it down to a 3 degree.

    Way2Fast do you happen to know the measurement differences between the 2 and 2.5. Like the top lip and the bottom lip. If you don't, it's not a big deal I'll talk to Riva.

    I'm thinking I can make what I think is a 3 degree do a speed test. Then sand it down and do another. Kind of like a make shift manual VTS.

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    I don't have an R&D 2.5 degree wedge here to measure but the Riva 2 degree is about 1/2" thick on one side and 1/8 " on the thin side. The extra 1/2 degree should be about 1/8 inch added to the thick side of the wedge.. A 3 degree wedge would measure approx. 3/4" x 1/8". If you made one by adding epoxy, I would think that the epoxy might crack when you tighten the pump bolts.


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    i think 3 degrees might be wayyyyy too much?

    i mean some reports come in that even the 2.5 degree is a little too much.... and some prefer the 2 degree but others say 2 degree doesn't quite do enough... so my gut feeling tells me 3 degrees will be alot... with my 2.5 degree i can see the "rooster tail" so to speak is alot more than stock, so that means the pump is angled enuff so that i see the water being re-directed... 3 degree might be so much that you LOSE speed bc not enuff water propulsion IN the water....

    hey, guess u dunt know till you try? i'm certainly curious what 3 degrees would do.

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    Thanks way2fast for the numbers. I've thought about the strengths of epoxy. I'm going to try some metal epoxy and beat it with a hammer to see how it holds up.

    Shibby have you flipped the plastic bushing on the steering nozzle on your rxt. It drops you almost a degree I think. Limited is right though having the steering nozzle straight with the venturi (which the flipped plastic bushing does) is the way to go since it's not directing water.

    It's best to redirect water at the wedge and not the steering nozzle.

    My 2 degree with the flipped bushing has my nose pretty much stock.

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    Just to relieve my tension on running at high speeds on a wedge that has JB weld and soder aluminum in it....

    When the ski is planed and riding is the pressure on the back of the rideplate or at the bottom of the wedge.

    Does my 800 pound rxt have all the weight leveredged on the bottom of the wedge ?

    I know turning will put some pressure on it...

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    If you want a 3 degree wedge have a machine shop make you one. I don't think a wedge made from JB Weld will work that well.

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    I think it's actually a 4 degree. I was figuring I could keep sanding it down until I get the perfect speed. Then have one made. (I bet it's expensive)
    I sent Riva an email but I doubt they would step in.

    Flipping that plastic bushing that straightened my steering nozzle seems to be more power but right into the middle of the wake.

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    do you all think a 2 1/4 ring would do the trick if 2.5 is to much and 2.0 is to little?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelse68cal
    do you all think a 2 1/4 ring would do the trick if 2.5 is to much and 2.0 is to little?
    Do you have an RXT ?
    If so have you flipped the plastic bushing on it from the steering nozzle.
    When you flip it a 2 degree is basically like riding stock with the bushing in the stock position.

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    I made a 1 inch by 1/8. It was solid on it using the JB weld and solder aluminum wrapped in it.

    Basically it sucked. My RXT tried to launch out of the water on the holeshot and also cavitated. Lost about 3mph. I think it's too much. I'm going to shave off and go to a .8 by 1/8 and see what that does.

    I don't know if it's from the extra boost. I have 4" inch tube all the way to the SC now that feeds directly to outside air.

    My 13.5x17.5 from impros is coming soon so trying to get the wedge tweak with flipped plastic bushing figured out before it gets here.

    Limited if you switch your plastic bushing back to stock do you loose top spped ? I'm wondering if the steering nozzle is tilted up for a reason.

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