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    water temp alarm problem???

    Installed a stinger pipe on 2000 gpr after stock pipe mounting tabs broke. We had been running a Dplate and had the cat con chip installed. Ski never over heated with Dplate. With stinger pipe, the water temp alarm sounds after 15-30 minutes if you ride the ski easy. If you ride it hard, it doesn't sound. Why? Is this because with the stinger some of the water is ported out the pizzers and not all exits the pipe, hence the alarm? I don't think the engine is actually getting hot, just the sensor. From what I've read, I can jump in the 10K resisitor on the sensor plug and this will override the alarm. Will the cat con chip work in this plug to silence the alarm? Appreciate the replies.

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    Welcome BigJoe !!!

    Yes you can by-pass that water temp sensor. 10k ohm resister. The Cat sensor has a different plug. You can just plug in the water sensor, leave it hanging, and block off the pipe with a plug.

    You know that Stinger is no good for top end performance. If you need, I have a stinger pipe for sale.

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    thanks. I'll let you know on the factory pipe. I'll only install that as a last resort to silence the alarm.

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